Biffy Clyro Festivals

Biffy Clyro Festivals

Biffy Clyro - Isle of Wight Festival 2019

Well 2019 finished with an interesting summer! Festivals covering for colleagues. on Gabrielle and Bring Me The Horizon, and a series of shows with Biffy Clyro which were amazingly good fun! After the sad loss of Keith Flint earlier in the year I didn’t think I would get a major band again… then Biffy knocked on the door! Had a great time and was looking forward to another great summer with them in 2020.  As you all know that didn’t happen. It may do in 2021.. we are all hoping…

In the meantime I have been teaching in Derby, doing online seminars and filling the rest of the time with mixing tracks for various clients. 

So, 2020 will be my first year possibly without doing a gig since I left school… a very strange feeling…

but still keeping busy! 

The Prodigy – Festivals

The Prodigy – Festivals August 14, 2018 Jon Burton UNTOLD Festival – Romania I am currently out for most of the summer doing festival shows with The Prodigy. It has been an interesting summer so far. Starting in Spain back in May, a cold wet festival with a 6 am start, with the first two […]
Jon Burton
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