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Group discussion with students, Belgrade, Serbia.

Jon has been interested in Education for many years.

He has taught masterclasses around the world and teach regularly at UK Universities and colleges. Currently teaching Entertainment Engineering at University of Derby.

In 2018, Jon Burton graduated with an MSc in Music Technology from the University of York. He became a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2020.

Jon is happy to arrange a lecture, or a course, from an hour to a week! Please contact via email if  you are interested.



3 day live sound course with in Yerevan, Armenia


  • MSc in Music Technology, University of York 2018
  • York Learning and Teaching Award 2017
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • Member Audio Engineering Society
  • Fellow of Institute of Sound, Communications & Visual Engineers

Companion of LIPA 2017.

In 2017 Jon had the great honour to be made a Companion of the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Jon has had the pleasure of giving masterclasses there for several years.

LIPA Companions of 2017 with Sir Paul McCartney


SoulSound gives students around the world a chance to pick up hints and tips from working professionals.

Jon first met Darryn De La Soul when she was at Alchemea, in London, and she invited him to give a class. Since then they have produced many videos for the website. Soulsound have arranged classes in many countries and are always looking for new opportunities to provide practical learning opportunities for young and up and coming engineers.



As the Prodigy’s chief live sound engineer, Jon Burton gets to unleash untold kilowatts of bass power on an unsuspecting world. He has also made multitrack recordings of every show on their 26‑month world tour…

Prodigy live engineer Jon Burton talks to some of the world’s top sound engineers about the similarities and differences between tour and studio work…

With the festival season fast approaching, the Prodigy’s live sound-man, Jon Burton, talks to some of those involved about the unique demands of running open-air shows…

Live-sound employment is now more competitive than ever, so how can you stand out from the crowd? We asked some of the leading teachers and employers in the industry for their advice…

Can a die-hard analogue man embrace digital networking? And why small clubs and festivals are changing the world…

It’s been over ten years since I first visited Serbia to teach. That had been a milestone event, the first time I had been invited to run a course. Accompanied by my colleague, Joe Campbell (Prodigy, Adele, Chris Rea), we had flown to Novi Sad, Serbia’s second city, to hold a masterclass for local company Studio Berar…

Lectures/masterclasses/online teaching.

Jon Burton
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