The Prodigy – Festivals

The Prodigy – Festivals

UNTOLD Festival - Romania

I am currently out for most of the summer doing festival shows with The Prodigy. It has been an interesting summer so far. Starting in Spain back in May, a cold wet festival with a 6 am start, with the first two hours of load-in in the dark! Since then the gigs have got warmer and warmer!

The highlight so far must go to Untold Festival in Cluj, Romania. Brilliant staging and lights in the stadium and a great audience. We finish in September and have been promised a bit of time off!

For the geeks, this is the first year I am taking out our 32 channel Midas XL3 mixing desk. It is a bit smaller than the 40 channel and fits into the FOH area at festivals so much easier! Everything else is much the same but has all been made more compact. Have borrowed a nice double rack that fits under the desk so it’s all very neat and easy!

Jon Burton
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